Best Air Compressor For Painting Cars

July 23, 2022


Air Compressor For Painting Cars

July 2022

Here you can find the best Air Compressor For Painting Cars a click away. Your virtual shopping assistant goes through real data such as customer reviews, sales and trend of products, saving you time of research when shopping for the best Air Compressor For Painting Cars. All of the top 10 Air Compressor For Painting Cars listed by MBT are updated frequently for product availability.

  • features: max pressure 150 psi, air flow 6.36ft3/min, with weight of 16 lbs, hollow metal shell and aluminum cylinder for better heat dissipation.
  • protection: auto-thermal cut-off switch and safety valve protect the motor from damage. equipped with a sand-proof power switch, and with four anti-vibrate rubber feet to keep the machine stable.
  • application: applicable for off-road vehicles, bicycles, motorcycles, rvs, atvs and trucks, balls and other recreational equipment like inflatable boat.
  • made in the usa with global materials
  • shipped in sturdy ecommerce-friendly packaging designed to protect the unit for secure travel
  • 150 psi max tank pressure of the portable air compressor allows more air in the tank for longer tool runtimes
  • [(solid construction)] : built with a metal cylinder and gears, our cordless tire inflator can continuously work for 20 minutes and compress up to 160 psi. this efficient and long-lasting compressor can quickly and easily inflate 4 tires.
  • [(dual power supply)] : the 12v dc power supply and 20v rechargeable battery pack let you inflate anywhere without worrying about battery depletion. includes a battery pack and charger.
  • [(automatic shutoff & lcd preset)] : preset your desired inflation level and the compressor will automatically shut off when the preset value is reached. the backlit lcd screen will simultaneously display the desired tire pressure and current tire pressure. displayed air pressure units can be switched between kpa and psi.
  • super fast inflation & high precision – this tire inflator is made of high-quality materials and strengthens the internal structure that can quickly inflate tires and provide max pressure of 150 psi. it takes only 3 minutes 30s for one 195/65 r15 car tire(0-35psi). at the same time allows you to set any desired pressure level and guarantee the accuracy error of +-1%. for a non-stop use of more than 30 minutes, please power it off and allow it to cool down for 20 minutes before using it again
  • auto-off function – preset your desired pressure value and the portable air compressor will automatically shut off when the pressure is reached. so you don’t have to worry about over-inflating or low tire pressure anymore. focus on what you’re doing
  • wide range of applications – the car tire pump is equipped with 3 additional nozzles and can be conveniently used for cars, suvs, motorcycles and bicycles, and even wheelbarrows. they can also inflate balls, toys, and garden decorations. note: not suitable for large truck tires
  • 5.1 scfm at 90 psi provides faster recovery times resulting in increased project efficiency
  • 6.8 scfm at 40 psi provides the ability to operate a hvlp spray gun
  • 78 dba brings less noise to your work environment and is 30% more quiet than similar oil free induction products
  • ultra quiet only 70 decibels
  • oil-free pump for less maintenance & costs
  • 10. 0 gallon steel tank
  • 26 gallon portable air compressor with vertical design for easy transportation
  • durable oil free pump provides extended, hassle-free operation
  • max pressure of 150 psi and delivery of 4 cfm @ 90 psi
  • ultra quiet only 70 decibels
  • oil-free pump for less maintenance & costs
  • 10. 0 gallon rust-free aluminum tank with wheels
  • ultra quiet only 75 decibels
  • oil-free pump for less maintenance & costs
  • 60.0 gallon steel asme air tank
  • efficient performance: 20 gallon ultra large tank and 175 psi max tank pressure stores more air in the tank for longer tool run times
  • powerful : the powerful 1.8 hp horsepower, 4 scfm at 90 psi allows for quick compressor recovery time, it is enough to make it easily drive a variety of industry and household equipment
  • sturdy & durable: the 20 gallon air compressor made of stainless steel, rubber feet and oil-free pump for long lifecycle and no maintenance

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Air Compressor For Painting Cars

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